A True Community Event

2D Con got its start in 2009 as series of bi-annual LAN gaming events known as March Mayhem and Winter Warzone. In 2015 a third event, Digital Destruction (2D) was added. Two weeks prior to Digital Destruction we were informed that the venue had lost internet access and that it was not expecting it back until after the event.

It was impossible to host the event without internet, but we scrambled to get as many additional activities as possible. We added tournaments for popular console games, a tabletop area, vendors, artists, independent game developers, and even a live band. With an expected attendance of 200-300 people and a turnout of over 700 unique attendees Digital Destruction was a truly something amazing.

Seeing that there was clearly a need for large gaming events in Minnesota, Digital Destruction was rebranded as a convention and shortened to 2D Con. The goal of the convention was to bring a convention to Minnesota with a focus on the gaming community and a sense of belonging.

Over the years 2D Con has evolved with the times, continually growing by large amounts every year. 2D Con is currently the largest gaming event in Minnesota, and one of the largest fan run events around. 2D Con is true to it’s roots and still operates as a volunteer based non-profit organization with the goal of promoting the positive impact of the gaming community and providing an unforgettable experience.

Going forward, 2D Con will continue to grow, continue to experiment and continue to celebrate the gaming community that we all love. No matter what your gaming style you’ll find a home at 2D con.